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Форум Эмигрантов Узбекистана _ Discussions room _ September 11, 2001 - Inside Job.

Автор: DJIGIT Jun 27 2006, 03:32 AM


Loose change 2nd edition, the best documetary ever about US government involvment in 9/11, bombs used to destroy TWC, no plane ever hit Pentagon, WTC 7 was brought down through controlled demolition (interview with WTC owner Larry Silverstein) and much much more.

Resommended to watch for all seeking truth about 9/11.


Evidence to the Contrary. Another great documentary about 9/11. Scientific facts prooving that WTC towersw were demolished using thermate, an explosives used to cut steel columns, planes used jуst as a disguise for "alleged" terrorists, but it was all pre planned. Also tells about a Hollywood thriller movie from 2000 that has a story of highjacked aircrafts by terrorists and flyig towards WTC (this movie was released in 2000)!!!!!!!!!


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