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> Happiness Guide, When IT is to come?
сообщение Jan 11 2008, 01:15 PM
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I believe, there is nothing to do with my personal life here, affecting anybody there;

Цитата(Rem61 @ Dec 11 2007, 12:10 PM) *
The only life & world that deserve to be – your life & your world smile.gif

Means – take care of the most important things first of all. smile.gif

Цитата(TimurSulaimanov @ Dec 20 2007, 03:02 AM) *
But then you define your life and your world in terms of lives of others and worlds of others, right ? Even language you speak and terms of your thinking are borrowed, inherited, adopted, learned - from outside. smile.gif

Exactly! – I’m talking about quite a common possession as a mind, and …

I am saying "you" , but I mean it is valid for everyone of us, me , him, her , whoever. Is there such thing as "me", why are we sticking to this concept ? What is so important in it ?

…, nonetheless, it’s quite a particular and private possession, as being closed, locked for anybody else – don’t you imagine somebody to take a lantern and reside in your mind, watching and listening to your thoughts and dreams and projecting some ideas of his own into the screen of your mind, do you? No – to Legilimency, Yes – to Occlumency! smile.gif


well, anybody’s got it exactly this way and it’s a point of force for everybody! – it’s a place and a medium of a perfect happiness for everybody! – the life is short, everybody’ll die, and there is no time to be jealous about e.g. Sir Paul McCartney or Mrs. Joann Rowling - you have enough to be perfectly happy by yourself; smile.gif


when we watch things from first dimension we can see dots – equal, but endlessly deep ones;

when we watch things from second dimension we can see lines;
when we watch things from third dimension we can see squares;
when we watch things from fourth dimension we can see bodies;

when we watch things from fifth dimension we can see fates – equal also, endless and unlimited;

no fate is greater or less than other fate, either higher or lover etc;

nobody’s internal world is less or greater than somebody’s else – so, take care of your internal world and be happy your private way, surely – being involved in surviving with other people, but – always having enough for yourself and the external world being jуst a prolongation of your internal one;

YOU personally – are a point, a center of worry about and a focus of your happiness, and other things – after, after, after… smile.gif


Considering examples – some limited situations to show the point:

- you are Robinzoned;
- you are retired;
- etc;

it’s time for you to appreciate this world, giving all for you, not demanding from you any great social activity for surviving, - isn’t it exactly the time to think of yourself, to enjoy your personal freedom, - but, should we postpone it so far? smile.gif


P.S. so – everybody possess enough to be happy – and what’s more important for any of us?

P.P.S. if everything is so easy – why there is so many of misunderstood and unhappy people around? – don’t worry, be happy! – ne parjsya, budj schastliv! – catch your internal freedom and enjoy it.

3d.P.S. I hope – not only words are findable here

Цитата(TimurSulaimanov @ Dec 23 2007, 04:51 AM) *
Musings on happiness.

But it's alright to be unhappy sometimes, isn't it ?

Shouldn't we undergo some adjustment, re-evaluation of our goals from time to time, values, self-esteem, stuff like that ?

We are social creatures, we can't be happy jуst by ourselves, through our own ideas of what should make us happy. We have self-esteem, sense of status, social standing, self-respect, and so on. Things like these make us do what we do, and make us think what we are in great measure. After all, without that there is no life of a person.

We can be deluded, of course - like, I am terribly unhappy that I am not Paul McCartney, but that's an integral part of human nature - not to know who you are, wanting to know it, develop some idea, and try to prove it. If in the process of proving your hypothesis, you discovered that you are a John Lennon - good for you. Then you can modestly sing - "I am jуst another guy" smile.gif But, if not ? You discovered that you, in fact, not what you thought you are, and it makes you unhappy - No big deal, alright, that's what people do all the time, and they should, it is normal routine of our social existence, we have to have some idea of ourselves and project some image of ourselves outside - and to correct it from time to time.

Living like a cat is impossible for a human being, people have identities, and need to have those identities confirmed by society all the time. And identity is not static, life goes forward, social expectations change, and, as a result, identity needs readjustment constantly, and life of a man makes sense (or not ) to him himself for as long as it makes sense to other people, or whatever his perception of others' opinions is.

So, point is - be happy through acceptance of everything that comes your way. Even if you feel unhappy at times (or, even all the time ), jуst take it as part of a greater picture - we humans are supposed to have mood swings smile.gif.

they say – happiness is the life itself… (by Lev Tolstoy?)

Or, let's see it this way - It is a great inconvenience to have to go to toilet, every day, several times - but should it make us unhappy? not really - everybody does it. Now next, if I had to take my urine out through catheter via the opening in my side and carry the plastic bag with me all the time ? Lot of us will hate it and might get unhappy - but, big deal, it's the same thing, right ? But difference is - not everyone has to do it, majority don't, and only you are singled out - unhappy.

Or this one - if men were to have periods , like women - they would be awfully unhappy, one might think, but why ? Women live with that and accept it and not take it as grounds for their unhappiness. Why ? Because on one hand every woman has it, so nothing wrong if some other woman also has it. But every man doesn't have it, therefore I, a man, also shouldn't.

By the same token, women would hate to have beard and moustache - but , men have it , so what ?

Or another one, (inconceivable !) - If I , a man, had to wear women's clothes to go to work , it would make me horribly upset, right ? But why ? Half of the mankind is wearing those clothes and is perfectly happy ! Why should it make me unhappy !?

Really, all this happiness stuff is nothing but a social convention in the end.

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